Training Courses > Basic of Electricity for PV systems  


Course Duration:   2 DAYS
Location: Lagos

Course Description: 
The training course provides a basic conceptual understanding of basic electrical concepts, including electrical measurements, basic electrical theory in a non-mathematical manner, basic electric circuits and components and an understanding of how electrical components work as basis for understanding all transmission, distribution and applications.

The training course also provides a basis for understanding electrical safety concepts. The course is practical oriented and focus on providing a real understanding of the essentials concepts.

Percentage Practical: 75%

Training Equipment: Labvolt, IKS, Edibon Systems and Miscellaneous electrical  Equipment with a maximum of 220VAC and 24VDC

Pre-requisites: None

Target Audience: Non technical personnel, technician of all fields, graduate and under graduate needing a refresher in basic electrical concepts.

Maximum Class size:  15 students for in-house, and 25 for on site arrangement.


Typical Course Topics (Listing not sequential with the course studies)


  • Basic electrical safety
  • Sources of electricity
  • Voltage as electrical pressure
  • Current as flow of electricity
  • Resistance as opposition to electric current flow
  • Relationship of voltage, current, and resistance in a non-mathematical practical approach
  • Electrical Energy and power
  • Direction of current flow
  • Basic electrical circuits
  • Parallel and series circuits
  • Measuring current, voltage, and resistance
  • Industrial switches (normally open/closed)
  • Capacitors
  • Electromagnets and magnets
  • Inductors
  • Electromagnet relays
  • Motor and generator basics
  • Circuit breaker and fuses
  • Direct current (DC) and Alternating current (AC) (Comparison and operating basics
  • Transformers
  • Common electrical application
  • Reading and understanding schematics (basics)
  • Troubleshooting systems and circuits
  • Adaptors, rectifiers, converters, chargers, inverters, (basic difference among all
  • Basic electrical tools


Primary Skills To Be Learnt:

  • Understanding of electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, and Resistance)
  • Measurement of voltage current and resistance
  • Improved basic electrical troubleshooting skills
  • Increased conceptual understanding of electrical safety issues  
  • Ability to identify and differentiate electrical components and parts
  • Ability to further activities related to electrical engineering in practical terms 


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  Basic of Electricity for PV systems
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  Renewable Energy Applications Design Concepts
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  Photovoltaic Power Generation and Application PpGA2
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  Marketing of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
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