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  1. Various applications of PV require varying design concepts.
  2. While the basics remain the same, the considerations for the type of application make the little difference.
  3. This course, therefore, will explain all it takes to make good designs of PV systems, starting with a clearer understanding of the type of usage and loads demands. 
  4. It will compliment all that you have learnt as it will involve general and detailed discussions on various applications of PV usage with practical and video demonstrations.

              At the end of which enough confidence is built in you to enable you handle all kinds of related  
              projects unsupervised.
              Navigating the topics, the course will cover design concepts which include solar water   
              pumping, solar for rural clinics or health posts, solar irrigation, solar street lighting, solar
              cathodic protection,  solar traffic lighting, solar powered telecommunication transceivers,
              solar cars, solar aircraft, solar  powered satellites, solar refrigeration, solar for drying
              agricultural products, solar water heaters etc.

   Training Course Titles
  Basic of Electricity for PV systems
  Introduction to Power Generation Technologies
  Renewable Energy Applications Design Concepts
  Photovoltaic Power Generation and Application PPGA1
  Photovoltaic Power Generation and Application PpGA2
Esterblishing Renewable Energy Engineering Eneterprise
  Marketing of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
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