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Prostar and its group members have been in the business of renewable and alternative energy in Nigeria for about 15 years.  Field experiences gathered from numerous solar energy installations in different parts of the country, Nigeria, revealed to us that the industry, renewable energy sector is lacking in manpower for design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.


By venturing into the technical training aspect of renewable energy, we hope to raise to the best of our ability, capable engineers and technicians that will be able to conduct a feasibility study for a power need, propose and make a design, install and maintain a fail proof renewable energy systems. Besides, we hope to nurture technician that will not only understand the basic principles of the energy sector, but will also be able to partake in the system material sourcing and selection, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Our training methodology:

Over the past 15 years we have at different times employed over 40 engineers and 80 technicians especially when we have considerable installation jobs, mainly from the government ministries.  Our experiences with all the employees revealed to us the precise areas of lack of necessary skills.  We have also at various times and locations conducted ad hoc technical trainings that will prepare both the engineers, technicians and even the renewable energy enthusiast to be able to independently execute their respective duties with high level of professionalism

In order to achieve our set objectives in our training programmes, we have ensured that each of the topics and training concepts covered in our courses, are relevant, and necessary.  Unnecessary theories are avoided; instead, the concepts are explained in their most simple terms with practical demonstration.
Regular exercises given to the trainees are tactically integrated in to the training structure to marry what is thought and what is learnt with the available teaching aids.  Some of the key goals of the lab exercises include but not limited to

  • To keep the trainees in interested in a fun way
  • Enhance long term retention of concepts and topics exercised
  • Make concepts more applicable to real world applications
  • Allow flexibility for differing skill levels and goals of the trainees
  • Ensure maximum interaction between the trainees and their instructors
  • Make leaning more natural, easy, and fun.


Finally, we have ensured that materials used in the practical demonstrations are practically those used in the real installations.  Basic electricity principles, system design, installation, materials procurement standards, maintenance and all that is desired to be learnt are practically covered in the ratio of 25% theory and 75% practical, thus ensuring that what is taught practically matches what is learnt for practical application of renewably energy systems


Our Course Titles Include:

Interested students should access the available courses and enroll online or visit our training center 'Don-Bosco / Prostar Training Institute' at

Ibolo Obosi,
Opposite Metallurgical Training Institute,
along Onitsha-Owerri road,




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   Training Course Titles
  Basic of Electricity for PV systems
  Introduction to Power Generation Technologies
  Renewable Energy Applications Design Concepts
  Photovoltaic Power Generation and Application PPGA1
  Photovoltaic Power Generation and Application PpGA2
Esterblishing Renewable Energy Engineering Eneterprise
  Marketing of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
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