Introduction To Power Generation Technologies


The purpose of this course is to expose the student to a wide range of available renewable energy and conventional power sources, enabling a better understanding of how they work and their impact in reshaping the energy for the future.

The course content is also designed to impact an understanding of various power generation technologies without being overly technical.  However, a technical demonstrations will be made of the easily accessible and most common technologies. Video training aids may also be employed in certain sections to truly give the required technical impact on the student.

For a comprehensive understanding of renewable technologies, an introduction will be made of the conventional sources in a way that the renewable sources could be appreciated, hence triggering more interest of the students towards purposeful learning.

Mention with few explanations will be made of the new technologies not yet tested or commercially produced.
The course will basically cover the following topics

    • The sun is the source of all energy
    • Hydroelectricity generation
    • Energy from fossil fuel (General motion)
    • ¬†Electricity generation from Nuclear reactors
    • Gas-powered turbine (Techniques)
    • Coal powered systems (Techniques)
    • ¬†Photovoltaic electric power generation
    • Wind Energy
    • Geothermal power generation
    • Biofuel, Biogas, and Biomass power generation,
    • Solar thermal heating technology
    • Ocean energy:¬† Wave Energy, Tidal Energy, and Ocean Thermal Conversion
    • Hydrogen Energy