Prostar Emergency Lighting Cataloque

Prostar Energy Group Ltd. owns other company like:

    • Prime Energy Ventures Ltd.
    • Prime Solar Power Ltd.
    • Ecopal Electric System Ltd.

Prostar Portable Multi-Directional Super Bright Emergency Light 

Emergency lighting for; Hotels, Hospitals, and homes. Good for an auditorium, Conference Halls, Libraries, Hospital Wards Corridors and Reception Areas

Concept: To provide immediate lighting to the area at the moment of power failure for a minimum period of 2hours.

Charging: Designed to remain in the charging mode throughout its life without overcharging. Thanks to the microprocessor-controlled charging circuitry

Lighting: Uses single LED chip light with about 1 million hour life without dimming.

Battery: UsesNiMH battery for long life and ability to charge at minimal source/input voltage.

Portability: Total weight of about 1.5kg and can be hanged or placed at any convenient location.

Input Plug: Come with BS 3 pin plug.

Inductors: Indicates for charging function.

Light Coverage: The lamp fitting can be rotated in any direction as the need arises. Coverage can be as far as 20 meters in diameter.

Test Mode: can be tested at any moment to ensure it will respond at power failure. This can be done occasionally by the house technician.