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Prostar Global Energy Group Ltd; is principally a renewable energy company. It was incorporated in 2005 to co-ordinate the outsourcing, design and installation of renewable energy jobs, products and accessories for its group members; Prime Energy Ventures Limited, Prime Solar Power Ltd and Ecopal Electric Systems Limited.

With vast Nigerian and West African markets at its reach, Prostar Global Energy Group Ltd is well positioned to be a source centre for renewable energy products and services in Nigeria.

In synergy with National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), University of Nigeria, Energy Research Center (NCERD), and some local and foreign companies, Prostar Global can boast of both material and intellectual resources to carry out any complex assignments on renewable energies in Nigeria and West African Nations.

Our scope of operation at the moment covers: Design and installation of photovoltaic power stations, Solar operated streetlights, solar homes, and wind power systems up to 10kwp complete with inverter and batteries and only inverter power backup installations for offices and homes.

Prostar Global have established a standard Practical Training workshop on renewable energies. The scope of our training facilities covers both the training of artisans and resource persons like University lecturers and corporate institutions. The areas of focus for now include all you need to know in the practical installation of both wind and photovoltaic systems. Read more from the training section of the website.

We will always welcome a synergized relationship in research and development and contracts.


..To be one of the leading providers of alternative electric power sources in Nigeria.  To produce or assemble same in Nigeria, hence, creating jobs and promoting the advancement of the industry in Nigeria.

..to provide quality and affordable alternative source of electric power wherever and whenever desired.


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