Power inverters are devices that basically converter DC to AC. Where DC stands for Direct Current, AC stands for Alternating Current. Inverters can be designed in accordance to its expected specific areas of applications ... read more
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Batteries form another great part of Solar energy. While the Solar Panels collect the energy from the Sun during the day, the batteries store the energy more
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  Photovoltaic Systems  
Assemblage of Solar cells on a frame for the purpose of Power concentration is called Solar Panel, otherwise known as Solar Module. The Module can be configured with... read more
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  Solar Charge Regulators  
  Solar Charge Regulators play the role of the regulation or management of the energy from the Solar Panels to the batteries and the Load... read more  
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  Solar Freezer  
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  Solar Training Systems  
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  Wind Power Generators    
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  Stand-Alone Solar Street Lights    
  Solar Street Lighting is about the most common Solar energy usage in Africa. When used for walkway, highway or Estate lighting, they are designed to  read more    
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DC Rated Fuses---- 50amps, 100amps and 150amps

DC Rated Circuit Breakers--- 60amps, 100amps and 200amps

Ready-made Battery cable connectors---- 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 2m (25mm-90mm)

Solar PV DEMO assembly kits

Wind Energy DEMO assembly kits

DC Solar lighting turnkey kits

100VDC Rated PV lightening arrestors

PV Disconnect Boxes

PV Disconnect Switches

Battery Isolator Switches

DC and AC Energy saving bulbs

LED Lightings and fittings

Drives for CFLs and LEDs and Low Pressure Sodium Lights

DC Electronic Compressors for Solar refrigerators

  Batteries & Chargers
  Photovoltaic Systems
  Solar Charge Regulators
  Solar freezers
  Solar accessories
  Solar Training System
  Wind Turbines
  Voltage stabilizers
  Solar Street Light
  Solar Lighting Ballast
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