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ECOPAL-SW Series: Low frequency pure sine wave Inverter & Charger
Key Features  low frequency pure sine wave
Power saver(standby)Function 
High Power Factor0.9-1
Low idle consume, Max 12W 
Low DC input, 1-3KW/12V (24) VDC, 4-5KW/24V (48) VDC 
Big charge current, 70Amp/12VDC, 35Amp/24(48) VDC.
AVR Function 
Back-Feed,Overload,short circuit,Battery low/high Protection  
Fault recovery  
Remove control/RS232/USB is option   
Transfer Time 10ms  
Technical Specifications 
Item   Model    ECO-SW1K   ECO-SW2K   ECO-SW3K   ECO-SW4K   ECO-SW5K   ECO-SW6K
Capacity  VA / Watts  1KVA/1KW 2KVA/2KW 3KVA/3KW 4KVA/4KW 5KVA/5KW 6KVA/6KW
Surge rating (10s)   3KVA 6KVA 9KVA 12KVA 15KVA 18KVA
Efficiency >95% under AC mode,>88% under DC mode
Power Factor 0.9~1.0, 
Static Power Capacity 12W
Input Normal voltage  220VAC/110V
220V Voltage range 184-270V+-4% 
110V Voltage range 92-150V+-4% 
Frequency range 50Hz/60HZ -3 +5 Hz (Auto detection)
Output Voltage (V) 220V/110V+-10%
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz/60HZ +-0.3 Hz 
Wave form Pure Sine Wave 
bypass without Battery yes
Transfer Time  10 ms (typical)
Overload capacity DC Mode(SMPS load) (110%<load<125%) ±10% for 15 minutes;
(125%<load<150%) ±10% for 60s;
Load>150% ±10% for 20s
AC Mode(SMPS load) by breaker
Protection Overload Current limit under DC mode ,Breaker under AC mode
Battery Protection Over charge, Over discharge,DC Breaker,Alarm
Over Temperature Variable speed fan,LED lighting and alarm
Back-Feed Protection  yes
short Circuit. by breaker.Faul after 10 secs
Battery/Charger AC input 95-127V,  194(164)--243V
DC input  12VDC /24VDC or 48VDC,external Battery
Charge Voltage for 12VDC system,Boost voltage 14-15.5V selectable for different Battery. The others are multiple
Charger Current 70A /12VDC / 35A /24VDC,35A/48VDC,Three stage charger
Charge Manage  digital control
Display LED Line On/ Inverter on / Fast Charger / Float charge / Over Temp. trip / Over load trip / Power Saver on
Audible Alarm Battery Low,Battery High,Over Temp. Over load,Fail,Over charge
Remote control/RA232/USB yes.Option
Power Saver below 25W when enabled
Working Environment Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Noise 60dB max
Humidity 5% to 95%
Package Size  WxDxH (mm) 560*315*300 560*315*300 560*315*300 750*315*300 750*315*300 750*315*300
Gross Weight   18 21 23 36 38 40
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