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ARA series of Prostar inverters were designed with tropical Nigerian usage pattern in mind. With the mains input frequency range of 45Hz to 65Hz, and input voltage range of 140VAC to 265VAC, the ARA is capable of being used with petrol generator of lower capacities, but not lower than the equivalent capacity of the inverter itself. For example, an inverter of 3KW can be operated with a petrol generator of 4.5kva and above.

The true sine design allow for inductive loads like refrigerators, kitchen blenders, and complex electronics to be used without reducing their life span. The averagely high ambient temperature was taken care of by its robust design and high speed forced cooling system with large heat sink.
The Large LCD display allows for the monitor of the operational functions of the inverter from afar of with ease. The frequency of the input voltage, load output, battery reserve, and input and output ac voltage can always be viewed.
The charging function of the inverter is tailored to suit valve regulated sealed lead batteries only. By this, complexity of design for multiple battery types is removed. The inbuilt charging current is well above 20amps at 24VDC
 Alarm system warns for inverter mode operation, but can be silenced at will by simply pressing of the menu button.
The high speed power transfer function of 2ms allows for use in data management environment. ARA series is truly ideal for both domestic and office environment.




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