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Batteries form another great part of Solar energy. While the Solar Panels collect the energy from the Sun during the day, the batteries store the energy for use when needed. However, the efficiency of the storage and delivery of this energy by the batteries determines to a large extent how the entire Solar System functions.

The batteries that are best for Solar System must be able to withstand over charge, over discharge, high energy delivery and storage at high and low ambient temperature with permanent damage.  While all these features are not attributes of good usage, the batteries must be prepared to withstand largely such situations of harsh usage.

We stock various ranges of Solar batteries including Midrange Deepcycle and also shallow cycle for Solar lighting. The cost actually determines the option of the buyer; but the best remains the True Deep Cycle batteries with up to 80% dept of discharge. Most batteries available in the market as deepcycle  and are usually rated 50% dept of discharge.

Our Photo gallery will display different types and categories of our batteries.

Useful Information:-
100ah Battery Dimensions
100ah Battery Specifications
100ah Battery Specifications  B
100ah Solar Battery Specifications
100ah Solar Battery Specifications B
200ah Deep cycle Battery Specifications
200ah Deep cycle Battery Specifications B
200ah Deep cycle Battery Standard Dimensions
200ah Solar Battery Standard Dimensions
200ahSolar Battery Specifications
200ahSolar Battery Specifications B
Solar Battery info
Solar Battery info B
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  solar deep cycle Batteries
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  Prostar 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Batteries
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  Prostar Range of High Capacity Batteries 100AH-1500AH
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  Prostar UPS Batteries  
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